We are having a trip skiing and snowboarding at whitetail Ski Resort. Please buy lift tickets for Whitetail Resort at this link for our trip on February 12th and then reigster here for free so we know who is coming. Troop adults will teach scouts how to ski and complete the Snow Sports Merit badge. Once you register on the Whitetail Site please register here for free so we know who is coming.  Due to the pandemic people who choose to come to the resort but not to ski will have nowhere to sit and keep warm. We encourage everyone to participate. The ski resort has safety regulations that limit the ski lifts and other facilities. If you would like to learn more view the flyer here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cEdLjCGRcQiX3ql3gAs_YF5OEta3ZwUB4XgE7a0zgmw/edit?usp=sharing Please explore these and their cancelation policy yourself on their website Skiwhitetail.com.