Attention Ship and Troop 255! We are going to BSA’s Sea Base in the Florida Keys next summer! We will be doing the Coral Reef Sailing Adventure from August 15th to 21st, 2022. It will be a week full of fun Swimming, Snorkeling, Fishing, and many more water activities. We will be on a large sailing vessel over 40 feet long. A captain will be provided by Sea Base for our ship. During the adventure, we will be sailing the Florida Keys and have the chance to snorkel some of the most beautiful reefs in the Keys and part of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. To learn more go to We will also have the opportunity to study astronomy, navigation, fish identification, and coral reef ecology. The adventure will be 7 days and 6 nights. Please register all adults under the extra fees category, we do not require deposits from adults. For more information click here to access the flyer: