Overview: Astronomy trip to Hopewell Observatory, a small private facility on Bull Run Mountain near Haymarket, VA. We will be guests of the Observatory. We will also assist them with some maintenance. They have two 14-inch, a 30-cm, and a 10-inch telescope. Feel free to bring your own telescope or binoculars too. We will finish most requirements for the Astronomy Merit Badge including a 3 hour (8:15 PM – 11:15 PM) observing session. Attendance limited to 20 people total.
Deparat CCES 3 PM Saturday, Return 10 AM Sunday
Registration until 9/16 is for those with permission. Permission will be granted once the scout has completed Requirement 6(b): Sketch the phase and position of the Moon, at the same hour and place, for four nights within a one-week period. Include landmarks on the horizon such as hills, trees, and buildings.” We recommend completing this requirement in the evenings between September 1 - 10.  Send pictures of your sketches, labeled with the date and time of each, to Dr. Weinberger. After 9/16, registration will be open as first-come-first-served. Registration closes 9/20.
The flyer is linked here:
Sample Moon Sketch (make yours at the same time and place each day):
Sample of how you should sketch the Moon each night